Thursday, July 25, 2013

Gifts Gifts and MORE Gifts

ClickSix Cat Eye Sunnies / Leather Bag / Essence Glimmerstick Eyeliners

Black Boots (So!Fab) / Black Wedges (Payless) / Spiked Loafers (So!Fab)

Whew! Its been almost a month since I posted something here and more than a month for my OOTD posts. Talk about extreme hiatus. haha. But here I am now. Can I get a hug? (derrrr). 

Enough with my silly talk and lets get down to business (huh?). This month may be a busy (like UBER busy to the point that I can definitely feel my hair falling out! Not to mention myself being unable to participate in any blog activities EVEN a simple activity like reading one!) month for me; but I can definitely say that all the stressful moments paid off. Dont you agree? With all these gifts I got, I dont think I have right to complain. LOL

Since I have new shoes to abuse, meaning I have new looks to POST. Yeah you heard me right gurl! FINALLY! Excited? I know youre not! hahah. Stay tuned for that! ;) mwah!


  1. SPIKED LOAFERS??? Grrrrr!!! :p So many gifts huh? Kyur oks! :p xoxo

    1. bast good girl tagaan daw og daghang gifts yotch aw hahaha!

  2. omgeee.....awesome kau imung mga shoes!!!!! srsly, Im getting crAZY about the loafers..might as well inquire tag pila :)))

    love lots,

    1. 999 ang pair but if mo buy kag 2nd pair 50percent off nalang sha :)